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i've read every word that you said

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ain't no sunshine when she's gone
i love the "monsoon" season :)

flying ants?!?!!!!!

When i opened the front door i was greeted by these lovely fellas...it freaked me out so i quickly slammed the door.  after they started to lighten up i went outside to check the scene...tons of ants smacked into my head and face!  i went back inside and called the fire department.   at first glance i thought ants were on top of bees,   it turns out that bee like critters were actually flying ants. 

fortunately the "spray" guy came a while ago, hopefully they're gone


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The first picture is beautiful :) Hope they got rid of the ants!

thank you :)

so far so good :)

Holy shit! I hate those little bastards! I hope they're gone. :\

Beautiful photo above, though!

i've lived here my whole life and i have never had an experience quite like this. it looks as though the exterminator killed them all :) (happy, yet sad)


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